Sonata Antartika/Black Hat Bones/Dark Matter @ K44 [Free]

Mετά από 20 χρόνια συναυλιακής απουσίας, οι Sonata Antartika επιστρέφουν πιο γαμάτοι απο ποτέ παίζοντας αξέχαστες επιτυχίες του παρελθόντος και του σήμερα ! Μαζί τους οι Black Hat Bones και Dark Matter!!

Κ44 Κωνσταντινουπόλεως 44, Κεραμεικός | Είσοδος ελεύθερη | Ώρα έναρξης : 21:00 

Attend here >> Facebook event


Sonata Antartika (εντεχνο/λαικο/metal)

Band members

Marinos – Lead & Backing Vocals

Alex – Guitars, programming, orchestration, backing vocals

Ω – Guitars

Moas – Drums

Wartooth – Bass



Black Hat Bones (στοουνερ ροκ/μέταλ)

Black Hat Bones(B.H.B) is a Greek heavy rock band influenced by stoner sounds. It all started back in 2009 when Mikko as guitar player and Aslee as a drummer, decided to create a rock band. After the collaboration with other members Bob joined the band for leading vocals a few months later.

Meanwhile the band was performing on undergound-rock stages. Finaly Panokas as bass player completed the final line up and after that, Jason stood in for Aslee as drummer. After some rehearsals their own sound was born and everything seemed right for them to start working their own projects/songs. In 2011 they released their first EP album which contains 4 songs from their upcoming CD. At the moment, they are touring around Greece, performing on some of the most famous rock stages, several times next to big band names such as Planet Of Zeus, Valient Thorr and others.



Dark Matter (αλτερνατιβ ροκ/μέταλ)

Dark Matter is an alternative metal/hard rock band from Athens,Greece.The band was formed by Efi Evaggelinou(Vocals),Dimitris Tsopanakis(Guitar) & Nik Papapanagiotou(Drums) in the summer of 2010.

The final form of the band, after a lot of changes, came one year later with Kwstas Pelelis(bass) & Nikos Letsios (Guitar). With a big number of concerts,they’ve worked with Atlantis Fm Radio and played with famous greek artists such as Magic de Spell,,Gianni Zouganeli,Karma,Steve Tesser and others.

Their upcoming demos we»ll be released until this summer.Wait for us guys in a hostile universe hoping you won’t be afraid of your dreams!


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