Volto Pere

Songs about teenage love
Blowjobs at someone’s party home
And a girl that wants to smoke pot
By the morning swimming pool
She heard the rumors and kissed a guy
Drowned herself wearing a cat mask
Watching porn and sketching knifes

The trial of sun
Books are liberation
My favorite sandwich
I miss my quiet ear
And my stoned appetite

Girls playing football with skeleton hoodies
It was grey but it didn’t rain
He said a joke about horses and said I love you
Recess on the whiteboard
All the decisions and i don’t know where to cry
I heard it all and painted with my fingers

Panthers with numbers
The choice of masturbation or learning to code
Webcam slaves with loading mascaras
Everything is safe until the next worm
I’m stressed out and on therapy

She didn’t know how to play, a turned play game
and cracked his head with a glass bottle
All the blood made him wet and she took the car keys
Let’s drive and crash, we don’t have airbags
We’ll take the tree that we’ve cut down because it had carved hearts on it

The cassette is worn off
but the song still playing on
it’s a loop that I try to get out
100% oxygen from ears to mouth
Maybe all this is by design.

– Geot


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